What type of yarn is best for knitting afghans and blankets?

I live in Alaska and want to knit a blanket, but the winters are dry here and I don’t want to knit something that will be itchy or have a lot of static! Any suggestions as to brand/type/material for the most comfortable blankets?? Thank you!

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  1. agkwatson@sbcglobal.net says:

    look for the baby soft yarn. it’s a lot better than regular yarn. I use it all the time for my projects. It looks nicer when it is done too…

  2. tigerladyheather says:

    Caron Brand has a really soft yarn called simply soft it is usually cheaper than baby yarn and it wears well. My best sugestion is put your blanket in the dryer on low heat for about 20 min with a static sheet like bounce to prevent static. I have always used red heart acrilic though and put flannel on the back.

  3. kittyluvr0223 says:

    I’d go with something soft, like baby yarn which has already been suggested. A boucle would also work well if you like that kind of texture; I’ve seen HUGE balls of boucle at my craft store, and it comes in more colors than just the typical baby colors. Something that is smooth or has a light texture would be best for this. I’d avoid 100% wool, because it can be scratchy and you may accidentally felt your blankie if you wash it with water that is too hot!

    My personal favorite yarn is Red Lion’s Baby Soft (?). I know it’s by Red Lion, and it’s a bright and cheerful bubblegum pink. It’s soooooooo soft.

    Good luck with your project! : )

  4. Katherine S says:

    hello alaska! i feel your pain (i live in saskatchewan and our winters are just something else) with the afghan-static issue. my nana knit mine with red heart super saver. it’s acrylic, but after a wash or two, very soft and cozy. and warm. not at all shocking.

  5. Doodlestuff says:

    Polyester!!! Red Heart is great (and inexpensive), but there are others. Lion Brand has some unusual textures. My kitties really like my Homespun afghan. Yarns with dye lots tend to be softer than those without dyelots, but a lot depends on the texture of the stitches.

    These afghans last for ages and are plenty warm. I live in Minnesota.

    I made one wool afghan with leftover wool yarn and will never do it again. Too itchy. I keep it in the car for emergencies.

  6. Christi says:

    Acrylic yarn would be your best bet for a blanket that will take a beating and tons of washing cycles. The draw back with acrylic yarn is that it doesn’t hold heat well, but when it does hold heat, you’ll get very sticky and sweaty. Acrylic yarn doesn’t wick away moisture like plant or animal fibers would, because acrylic is plastic.

    Wool yarns would be good to keep warm durning the winter months but the drawback with wool is that is not easily washable and can be itchy. Not to mention expensive, better quality wool yarns are expensive and you can’t find them at JoAnn’s, Michael’s or your local craft store.

    If I had a choice I would use a yarn with a mixture of both. You’ll get the warmth with wool and the durability of an acrylic yarn. Lion Brand makes a yarn called Wool Ease. It’s a blend of both fibers, it feels wonderful and is easily cared for. It comes in a wide varitey of colors from pastels, to bright colors, to dark jewel tones. Also, this yarn comes in different yarn weights, DK – for smaller stitches, worsted – for medium stitches, and bulky – larger stitches. You’ll have tons of options. Happy Knitting!

    PS: Lion Brand also has some really cool blanket patterns too on their website.

  7. starrwoode says:

    all yarn will have static except maybe wool and thats expensive and itchy, something fluffy feeling as yarn will likely make the most fluffy blanket but after a few washings it will lose a lot of its fluff down the lint trap.

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