What is the best yarn to use for knitting a blanket?

I’m making a blanket for my sister who’s in college.I wanted a yarn that was soft, warm, and some what thick but at the same time machine washable and durable. With all these different types of yarn, i’m lost lol

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  1. seweccentric says:

    I’m not a fan of sweaters made from it, but I think acrylic yarn makes nice blankies – it will hold the color well over many washings, won’t shrink, and some brands are quite soft! I like Caron’s Simply Soft – it’s cheap and easy to find. It’s a worsted weight, so it’s perfect for blankets and afghans. The regular Red Heart is too scratchy, IMO, but they also have a “Soft Yarn Solids” line of yarns in limited colors.

  2. kipperkay says:

    I have fallen for Lion Brand’s Vanna’s Choice yarn. This yarn is an acrylic,(no itchiness) soft, machine washable, durable and doesn’t pill. It comes in many colors. At Wal Mart it is available in 7 oz. skeins otherwise I’ve seen it in 3-3 1/2 oz.
    click on “our yarns” and click on the skein of Vanna’s Choice.
    Lion Brand offers free patterns with a free membership. :)

  3. Mommiedearest says:

    Why don’t you go online and check out the types of yarns that are available. Joann has a large variety of yarns that you can look at price wise, color, rating, thickness and you can also check the yarns that are in the clearance section. Make sure you get enough of the yarn so you wont worry about matching the colors. If you are making the blanket have you decided on the pattern? Just wondering if it is all in one piece or in part to weave together. Look for one that is in parts as if your making the blanket it can get very heavy soon. If I can help you find a pattern that may help you e-mail me.

  4. Kristin says:

    Wool is always a good choice.

    This beautiful blanket is knitted from Lanett Superwash Merino Wool:

  5. ••kicky• •chicky•• says:

    Try Lion Brand Homespun.

    it’s uber-soft, comes in cool colors, is easy to work with, somewhat thick, but still machine washable.

    it also comes in big skeins, so look for a sale, and you should be able to get all the yarn you need for under $ 10, amazing for a blanket.

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