Knitting question about gauge and needle size?

I have wool that’s listed at a gauge of 5.5 on #9 needles. The pattern that I want to use specified that I cast on 35 stitches with a #9 needle. However, I would like to use a #7 needle. Can you tell me how many stitches I would have to cast on to achieve the same width?

This is for a scarf pattern, so the length (number of rows) doesn’t matter.

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  1. pstiff48 says:

    You need to knit a test swatch with both sizes of needles and compare them. You not only have to adjust the number of stitches but the number of rows.

  2. atti_cat says:

    everybodies stitches are different. That is why in the pattern they tell you houw many stitches should make a certain length so you can make adjustments for your own work. make a test swatch with the size 7 and check it out

  3. mliz55 says:

    so the scarf is to be about 6.5 inches wide, guessing that the gauge on size 7 needles is about 6 stitches per inch you should cast on 40 stitches.
    However, you need to check your pattern, find out if you need a multiple of stitches, need an odd number of stitches versus an even number, and adjust accordingly.
    The best idea is to do a swatch, especially if you are going to use this yarn again. Then you save your swatch, and keep a note about what needles you used to get that gauge.

  4. sissyshame says:

    There really is no formula that I know of to answer this question. What you need to do is knit a swatch gauge. You are using smaller needles so there will be more stitches per inch, try knitting a square using 40 stitches and change from there. Knitting guages is time consuming but with items that require fit it is necessary. The good news is for a scarf fit does not really matter, your scarf might just be a bit wider or thinner than the pattern lists.

  5. mickiinpodunk says:

    Well, to get the same width you need to cast on at least 20 stitches on your size 7 needle and knit a couple of inches of the pattern stitch and then measure the center of it to determine the number of stitches per inch you are getting. You then need to multiply this by 6 1/2 (which is the approximate width for the number of stitches on the size 9’s for the number of stitches and gauge you give) to get the same width. What problems can you anticipate? Well, if there is something more than a simple pattern like garter or stockinette you have to increase or decrease the number of stitches to fit the pattern repeat. But 5.5 st/in on a 9 is a worsted weight yarn gauge, and worsted will knit up well on a 7 as well, although it will be a bit tighter feeling fabric.

  6. Mommiedearest says:

    The pattern should have a gauge on it for the size 9. It should show that X amount of stitches = so many inches. Use your #7 and make a few rows and see how many stitches you have to do for the the same. Just supposing #9 is 5 per inch and #7 is 7 per inch, make the additionby adding the additional stitches. If you happen to come out a couple of stitches more a bit bigger should not matter and neither would the amount of rows as you will be going lenght.

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