I want to start an crochet business for my mother. Is there really a market for crochet style items?

My mother wants to sell her designs online. She is very good but Im not sure that customers like to buy crochet blankets and scarfs.

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  1. sweet sue says:

    Unfortunately for Mom knitting is all the rage now. People associate crocheting with things like toilet paper covers and toaster covers. If she dos good quality work she might start out be taking special orders for things like blankets. I know I would Love a hand made blanket for my couch.

  2. burnished_dragon says:

    Not sure about blankets and scarfs, but ipod, cell phone holders stuff like that may be the way to go, I heard that is what younger people are knitting, so it make sense that crochet ones would sell too.

  3. Ruth W says:

    I enjoy selling my crocheted items on Ebay. Also hospital gift shops sometimes sell baby items on a commission. Just for fun, start a small web site, say through, Yahoo, and advertise some of your completed items, and or patterns. I for one scour the web looking for unique crochet patterns. I love to crochet and knit, and I admire your ambition and wish you the best of luck with the business. Remember, baby steps, and you’ll get there.

  4. Yo Mum Mum says:

    Funky crocket bikinis, cute kids beanies, finer worked cardigans, unusual things would be the go, not your normal everyday granny stuff that you can get anywhere, try selling something on ebay, original groovy stuff, persistence and individuality is the way.

  5. aoifeb2000 says:

    Unfortunately, the investment in materials and time to make crocheted items is too large to really make any money from selling items themselves…People just don’t want to pay what the item is worth (believe me, I’ve tried!)…But if your mum wants to sell the patterns for original ideas she has designed, that is a booming business right now…Especially if the designs are interesting and different from “traditional” crocheted doilies, tp covers, etc.

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