How to increase in double knitting?

Ok so i’m trying to make a double knit hat for my brother. I couldnt find a pattern i was satisfied with so i’m making my own. But there’s a slight problem. I cannot figure out how to increase in double knitting. I know how to increase in regular knitting, but i’m assuming that you have to increase on both the sides to keep it even. But how do you do that without having two stitches of one color in a row? help?

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  1. tgbc says:

    I suggest that you check out Google and type into the Search box: “Double knitting”
    There are many websites coming up, and perhaps there you can learn on how to increase while double knitting. I myself have never double knit by hand…only know how to do this on my knitting machine.

    Good luck.

  2. h_brida says:

    You can do a normal increase and then immediately re-arrance the stitches with the help of a cable needle or glove needle.

    I’ve found it easier to plan on doing decreases in double-knitting than to do increases (same with regular knitting :-)
    With double-knitting decreases you juggle the stitches (cable needle or glove needle is helpful) first and then do the decrease.
    i.e. O = outside, I = Inside
    You have OIOIOIOIOIOIOI ….
    Where you would decrease, you re-arrange to have OOII (or vice versa)

  3. hot_hermione says:

    you would increase on the front needle like normal knitting, then you increase on the back like normal and then with a cable needles rearrange the stitches so that its like the rest of your stitches.

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