How do I convert pictures into a graph for crochet, knitting, cross stitch, etc.?

Don’t worry, I’m only crocheting a blanket for my boyfriend and he wants an Aquaman logo on it. No serious copyright infringements here. The only problem is that I don’t have much experience with altering photos on a computer, and if I do it by hand on graph paper I don’t know how accurate it will look.

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  1. druid says:

    <>I have thought about this question before, since my wife crochets. Here is one possible way: Get a package of graph paper (any stationary store, also known as grid paper). Find your logo or picture online. Copy it into a program (like MS Word) that will allow you to create a watermark (a graphic that lies behind text). If you print that onto the graph paper, you should see the lines and be able to translate them into stitches. I haven’t actually tried it yet, but it might work. If you have MS Word, I can explain how to make a watermark graphic.

  2. skittykitty1026 says:

    yay for crochet. PC Stitch is a program used for converting pics for cross stitch so it may or may not be helpful. im also curious about such a program for crochet tho….

  3. Lizabeth says:

    I have used my PC Stitch to convert a black and white picture to a pattern for Filet Crochet. I have used it to make a few patterns from Pictures also. What does this Aquaman logo look like a spear that Neptune would hold? If so you could probably draw it out on graph paper. Good Luck

  4. sjb1402000 says:

    I’m not sure about the crochet part. For Cross Stitch I use a program called Pattern Maker, it is wonderful and you can convert all kinds of pictures into patterns. I have pictures in my yahoo album that my niece stitched they were patterns made in pattern maker from a picture. You can get this software from

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